When Carly vowed things would be different at her new school, she had no idea just how different they would be. She didn’t count on falling for Jane. Nor on the fact that Jane hates jocks. In fact, Jane hates almost everything that interests Carly, especially the quiet, mysterious Tommy Mack. Carly knows she’s in trouble when she deliberately loses a race and shuns Tommy Mack to impress Jane.To make matters worse, she has to figure out where she stands on a whole host of issues, like drugs, alcohol, and a new and different kind of loneliness. Issues she has avoided because she has never had to stay in one place for too long.


“What a debut novel Joan B. Flood has offered! Very well told, incredibly well edited and with a topic near to the heart of every teenager: fitting-in!”  Curve Magazine

“While the relationship does play a role in the story it is not the main plotline. This story is really just about a girl trying to fit in and discovering who she is. I found it inspirational for young girls and boys who just want to know that they are not alone during this confusion time in life. As an adult it helped to remind me about what life was like at that age, and think about what my own children or either experiencing or may experience in the future, and think of ways it can help make it easier on them.” Long and Short Reviews




Ultra-Short Fiction from around the world.



“…for those of you about to tear into this particular volume, do a dance through these pages, be terrifying and playful in your reads…”Guest Editor: Ashok Mathur



“The burden of being Irish and a woman is explored in this collection of essays, short stories and poetry by women writers from Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, the U.S. and Canada…While there is no grand summing up of what it means to be female and Irish, these women’s individual voices have a powerful cumulative impact.” Publishers Weekly

“These are warm, sexy, vibrant stories with the ring of truth throughout– Tee A. Corninne


“Every page is delightfully steamy and the poetry is very powerful in evoking mood” — Mama Bear News