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The village of Kiltilly in ‘Left Unsaid’ is not real, but…

It’s been a while since I posted regularly here. I’ve been busy writing and finished a new novel titled Left Unsaid, so I’ve not been skiving off.

I’ve been fortunate to visit Ireland, albeit unexpectedly, this month and got a chance to go to the village of Foynes, where I spent a lot of time during my childhood and youth visiting my aunts, Eileen and Maureen. Although the village has changed a lot since then my memories of it are vivid, so not surprisingly I called on some scenes and aspects of it when creating the village of Kiltilly in the story.


FoynesCafe (2)For those who kindly read and commented on Left Unsaid here is the café in Foynes, Ireland that was the inspiration for Peggy O’Shea’s café in the story. However, none of the lovely staff there in any way resemble Peggy.


The building up on the hill, the white block, is the old TB hospital in Foynes, which inspired me to invent how Delia and Daniel met. Once again I used my memories of the hospital building sitting above in isolation of the village.

HospitalFoynes (3)